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"Introduction to Forensic Science" curriculum is ideal for your high school and young adult students. "Introduction to Forensic Science" was developed in consultation with Dr. Janis Cavanaugh, an East Los Angeles College Professor, and with forensic experts working in their respective fields.

Dr. Cavanaugh’s pioneering work in creating hands-on forensic science training programs is legendary among criminal justice professionals and the agencies they serve. She prides herself in being a mentor to those students who are not afraid of hard work and perseverance.

"Introduction to Forensic Science" won a California Department of Education Model Programs and Practices Award several times.

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By popular demand, we are now making our lab experiments available as a stand alone lease. For those districts who are considering adding an "Introduction to Forensic Science" class, but who want to just get their feet wet first, you can't beat our seventeen lab annual lease at $55.00.



Our 2018-2019 version of
Introduction to Forensic Science
on CD is now available.

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Common Core State Standards Initiative

In our continuing effort to stay current with ever changing California and U.S. standards, we are incorporating the most current “Common Core State Standards” in each annual update of our award winning “Introduction to Forensic Science” curriculum. As always, we remain thankful to all of the instructors and administrators who have made suggestions concerning improvements they would like to see in our “Introduction to Forensic Science” curriculum. We thank our many supporters worldwide for their continued support and look forward to providing robust and relevant curriculum designed to maximize your students’ knowledge and skills and prepare them to compete successfully in the global economy of the 21st century.

Dr. Janis Cavanaugh
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Thanks to suggestions from our clients and collaborative discussions with our peers in forensic science education, our award winning forensic curriculum keeps improving.

Your students now have online access to the outlines (Module A), the Fill-ins (Module C), the PowerPoints (Module ppt), and (where applicable), the Terminology List (Module TL). Those students with Internet access can view and print any of these modules.

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The curriculum is leased to your school or district on an annual basis. The cost of the annual license is $495 (plus tax - only in CA).Once we receive your purchase order we ship the the cd to you or your designee and then bill the district. If you plan to teach “Introduction to Forensic Science” at more than one site in your district, we offer a graduated discount for multiple site licenses purchased simultaneously. Our satisfied customers include teachers and school districts all over the U.S. and Singapore, including those in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange,San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. For more information or a demonstration copy of the CD-ROM, please contact Jeanne Renner by phone, fax, or email.


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